About us

The Haras Abril started its breeding activities more than 10 years ago, under the management of its founder and owner Román Giani who decided to begin a new and further stage after his career as a jockey and with extensive experience in the activity.

Every year the Haras imports new European blood of the best stallions incorporating genetics for their products and for all their customers who use that semen in Argentina.

The Haras Abril features one of the most modern breeding and transfer centers in the country and professional staff that travels to Europe yearly. They stay there during the breeding season to acquire all the blood upgrades of the most sought stallions and mares in the old continent.

Fruit of the hard work, passion and knowledge through all these years, we have achieved the maintenance of an excellent balance among genetics, sport qualities and morphology in our products. After eight years of hard work, a bit of this dream begins to come true in the shape of each Auction and Competition.

Our Facilities

The Haras has the ideal conditions for the breeding and training of show jumping horses. It was designed for this purpose and constantly updated.

The Haras

The premises of the Haras Abril
are located in the city of Lezama
in Buenos Aires Province.

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